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Schneider Electric’s industrial control and automation products and solutions cover industry sectors. Infrastructure and construction, programmable relays, motion controllers and interface modules are designed for reliable and automated applications.

The vision of the current electrical system

As digital transformation develops around the world, a new reality emerges: the productivity gains of digitization depend on clean and reliable electricity. Since all computer energy is powered by electricity, the stability of the infrastructure generating, transmitting and distributing this electrical energy has a direct impact on business continuity. While the simplest devices are equipped with microprocessors, the growing intelligence of these devices increases the demand for clean energy and electricity infrastructure that can support increased connectivity. In fact, information technology (IT) is projected to have a double impact on energy consumption than electric vehicles by 2035, which will also quadruple their absolute consumption value.

Rapid growth of technology

Faced with this rapid growth, One Elec, one of the retailers of Schneider Electric products, offers computer systems with modernized energy components. In other words, it is not just the IT industry that is waiting for transformation, but critical upgrades to electrical equipment must also take place. This dual transformation provides end-users with greater reliability and availability, while providing businesses with new revenue-generating opportunities. Energy and IT updates work together to support digital transformation and increase productivity. The rise of advanced computing is influencing the relationship between energy and computing in two important ways. First, as established networks acquire more connected devices, resulting in increased IP traffic volumes, the accompanying energy infrastructure will have to develop to manage the largest volume of data flowing from one side to the other.

It’s more difficult to understand, but it’s doable, and people have to be ready for that transformation right now. A selective and dynamic policy regarding the choice of major brands is present on One Elec and allows you to offer the best service in the field of electricity online.